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Adding Trees Can Increase Property Value

Advice from Your Trusted Vancouver Tree Services Company

Summer days lying in a hammock under a shady maple is not only a great pastime, but it can also be an investment in your home’s value. Many homeowners are first drawn to their future house because of curb appeal. Beautiful, tidy landscaping with trimmed lawns and mature trees are a pleasure for anyone looking to purchase a new abode. Even if you are not looking to sell in the very near future, trees take time to grow, so planting now can give you a fantastic return on your investment.

Not every tree will give you the same results. Sometimes it helps the value of your real estate if you cut down the tree. Knowing the difference comes with experience. A Vancouver arborist can work with you to enhance your trees’ health. The specialists at Tree Works understand the beauty and importance of plants in our lives. Not only are they beautiful, but they also improve the quality of our air and provide protection for wildlife. 

Vancouver Tree Services that Make Your Home the Envy of the Neighborhood

What makes a tree add value to your home? There are some key principles to keep in mind before you head down to your local nursery:

  • Plant soon: It will take between 5-7 years for trees to reach maturity. When they do mature, you can potentially see an increased appraised value between $1,000 and $10,000.

  • Plan your plant choices: Considering the time it takes for landscaping to mature, it is vital to work with a plan that will utilize all components of your existing structures. When you have the wrong plant in place, it can take over your yard quickly and impede the view. 

  • Planting a single tree will not do the trick: To add value, you need to bring in more than one tree, especially as plants can be added and removed with relative ease. If you are considering a fruit tree, remember that not everyone wants rotting fruit in their yard. Make sure to keep up on the landscape clean-up.

  • Choose hardy, disease-resistant trees: No special golden tree will increase the value of your home. Think logically and find trees that are not only beautiful but are perfect for the planting zone of your area.

Not only can adding trees increase your property value, but they also provide energy savings as they reduce heating and cooling costs. The extra shade eases the burden of your air conditioner. Also, when planted on the north and northwest side of your structure, they can provide a wall of protection against winter winds.

For over 40 years, Tree Works has served our clients with outstanding service and commitment to protecting trees. We are passionate about our craft and our dedicated team of arborists has the experience you need to keep your plant life healthy. From pruning, planting, transplanting, and removal, we work with you to create a custom care program.

Contact us today for help in increasing the value of your home with new trees. Call us toll-free at 800-427-2617 and set up an appointment with one of the country’s premiere arboricultural companies.


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