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What Our Customers Have to Say

Tree Works is proud to have a loyal clientele in Burnaby, Vancouver and throughout British Columbia. See what a few of our satisfied customers had to say about working with Tree Works - the area’s expert arborists. Contact us for more information. You can find more reviews about Tree Works on our  Google reviews page.

Impeccable Clean-up

“My wife and I are very pleased by the services carries out by Tree Works on our property. These techniques allowed them to remove our trees without any damage to our property. The clean-up was also impeccable; we couldn’t even tell that they were here. We would hire them again without a doubt for any of our future tree removal needs.”

– Perry S.

Quick Service

“I had 15 stumps removed from my property by Tree Works. They were able to do it very quickly in less than half a day. Now my husband and I are able to landscape the property the way we have always wanted.”

– Martha M.

Finished Before the Deadline

“Tree Works cleared all the underbrush and smaller trees as well as garbage and debris to create a park-like setting on two different four-acre lots in the district of Coquitlam. The job was done thoroughly and was finished three weeks before the scheduled deadline! I will hire Tree Works again.”

– Robert T.

These Guys Are Pros

“Tree Works came in and cleared two and a half miles of trees and brush to make way for a new pipeline. It was very clean and efficiently done in a timely fashion.”

J – Rob P.
Superintendent of JJM

Allowed Us to Re-Landscape

“We had a huge problem with moss growing on our lawn and house which was caused by two large cedar trees shading the area too much. Tree Works cut out the lower branches on the two trees and spiral pruned them to allow more light to come down and shine on those affected areas. We were able to re-landscape our front lawn and now there is no moss growing there or on the house.”

– Bill V.

Professional and Well Equipped

“The crew was very professional and very well equipped. Especially the foreman (British guy), was hard working with good customer service skill. They came on time, did all the branches and the cleaning. We were happy with the company's work.”

- Prima P.


“Bob came to my house to do an estimate and was very professional and knowledgeable. I loved how as the owner, he took his time to do an estimate himself. The workers took down a dead tree in my backyard. Everything went smoothly and the job was finished on time.”

Courtney C.

Amazing Experience

“I had an amazing experience with this company! He removed a stump in my front lawn. His workers were professional and very helpful and informative. Great company! 100% would recommend!”

– Larissa

Hard Workers

“I am very pleased with this Company. The crew was not only very kind but they were very hard workers. The job was done safely and fast. The owner was professional, he came for an estimate and I then received an estimate over email and following invoice when the job was complete. Very impressed!”

– Colton M

Super Quick

“I hired Tree Works to remove some dead trees, as well as trim some hedges and trees in my complex. The crew did an amazing job with the huge job I had given them. They removed 9 trees in total. The job was done without a scratch and was done super quickly. I will defiantly be doing more work with Tree Works in the future.”

– Janet P

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