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See the Benefits of Tree Thinning from Burnaby's Tree Works

In order to grow strong and healthy, trees need their space. Tree thinning your Burnaby trees can seem like a huge undertaking, but the experienced staff at Tree Works can help. Some people may like and appreciate the aesthetic and privacy of a large quantity of trees in a condensed area. However, when it comes to tree growth, quality is better than quantity. The benefits of tree thinning are enormous. Tree thinning can result in:

Stronger, Healthier Trees:

As more trees try to grow to their full potential in a limited space, they are competing with each other for nutrients from the soil, for sunshine, and for water. The limits in resources result in weaker, frail trees. When trees are thinned by professionals, the size and strength of individual trees is increased dramatically.

Less Disease and Insects:

Studies have shown that dense tree growth can result in infestations of damaging insects. These infestations lead to lowered tree health which in turn leads to tree diseases. This creates a cyclical effect resulting in less than optimal tree health. Stronger Surrounding Vegetation: If you own a forest or woods, tree thinning allows resources to be evenly spread among other vegetation as well. Tree thinning allows sunshine to reach the ground which in turn warms the soil, allows water to be evenly spread, and gives nutrients a chance to be shared by all vegetation.

Lowered Risk of Fire:

Forest fires are devastating. Studies show that thinning your trees is one effective way to reduce the risk of rampant, dangerous wildfires.

If you have need for tree thinning in Burnaby and the surrounding areas, give Tree Works a call today to discuss your project.

Tree Topping vs. Tree Thinning: Burnaby’s Tree Works Weighs In

When it comes to tree care techniques, it helps to do a little research. Two of the common methods of tree pruning are tree topping and tree thinning. Here, we will discuss their merits: 

Tree Topping is a technique used to remove large branches from the tops of a tree. While this practice may appear common and harmless, it is very traumatic to trees and results in all kinds of stress and damage to the tree. This is arguably the most commonly used practice by do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Although common reasons for lopping off the top parts of trees are seemingly necessary, such as providing more sun to your property or making room for power lines, there are other tree management and care techniques that will not harm the tree. Tree topping can result in many new shoots rapidly forming, a “bushy” looking tree top, limiting the number of leaves that grow on the trees weakening of the tree, and increased risk of the tree falling.

Tree Thinning is a technique also known by names like selective cutting and drop-crotching. When a tree is thinned, its branches are not just lopped off at the end haphazardly but rather the removal of a branch is taken back to the main stem, the point of origin, or a lateral branch. This process allows the tree to keep its general overall shape and also allows the tree to heal properly resulting in a healthier, safer, more attractive looking tree.

Tree thinning in Burnaby is the much healthier tree management and care method than tree topping. Avoid the temptation to handle tree care yourself by using the tree topping method. Contact the professionals at Tree Works today to discuss the merits and benefits of tree thinning for your tree care.

Give Your Trees Some Space

Try tree thinning so they grow more uniformly and have the space they need to grow.

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