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Revive the Life of Trees with Spiral Pruning Services in the Greater Vancouver Region

Before you decide to completely remove a tree from your property, take the time to consider reviving the tree with the tree care technique of spiral pruning by the Greater Vancouver region’s Tree Works. We can help you reshape trees and clear out excessive tree canopy with this pruning technique! It is also known and commonly referred to as crown thinning. This process decreases the density of the tree’s crown through a careful process of the removal of specifically selected branches. It is used to remove dead wood and cross branches.

Benefits of Spiral Pruning

Spiral pruning can be performed on large and small trees but is most commonly used on young and rapidly growing trees. Some regions or areas are more likely to spiral prune their trees as it is often considered a practice performed mostly for aesthetic and design purposes. Despite these seemingly shallow reasons for altering a tree’s natural growth, there are several benefits to be gained from this process. Some of these benefits are:

Increased wind allowed to pass through which makes a tree more flexible and increases the chances of survival during a storm or windy weather
Reduction of the mechanical stress affecting certain limbs as a result of gravity, wind, snow, or ice
Improved sunlight penetration between branches
Weight reduction of particularly dense branches
Less needle and leaf loss resulting in a cleaner lawn or forest floor

Spiral pruning generally results in the removal of smaller branches from the outer crown which leaves the more substantial, durable, and healthy looking branches in your trees. As a tree is spiral pruned and its wayward branches are removed carefully, it is able to grow back in a healthy and even way. Essentially any and all species of tree can benefit from spiral pruning services by professional arborists. Trees with a particularly dense canopy or crown are the most likely to benefit from spiral pruning, though.

Spiral Pruning in Coquitlam: a Job for the Professionals

Many home and business owners often assume that tree care and maintenance is a relatively easy task and some may even attempt to undertake the task themselves. While there are benefits of spiral pruning for many types of trees, there are some dangers to be aware of when it comes to spiral pruning. Attempting a do-it-yourself spiral pruning when you do not have the necessary knowledge or experience of how to do it properly can lead to over-thinning, misapplication of pruning, and the removal of branches from only the interior of the tree’s crown. When a tree has been pruned inappropriately or over-pruned, it can result in lions-tailing, overlifting, and stripping out of the interior.

Professional Spiral Pruning

At Tree Works, we have a passion for providing the best tree care technique to achieve your desired results within your trees. We have years of experience, a willingness to handle any project no matter how big or how small, and all of our employees are fully insured. We also offer free estimates on our tree care services which are very reasonably priced! Give us a call today to see how you and your trees can benefit from spiral pruning in Burnaby and the surrounding areas.

Revive Your Trees

Consider spiral pruning before chopping down a tree.

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