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Effective Stump Removal in Vancouver

After a tree is cut down and the trunk and branches are removed, Tree Works is able to completely remove the remaining stump from your property by using a process called stump grinding. This technique permits us to grind the remaining stump to ground level, allowing new sod, soil or cement to be placed on top. We offer stump removal services in Burnaby, Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

The Stump Removal Process

Using a machine called a stump grinder, Tree Works will complete every stump removal project promptly and professionally. Our stump grinder is highly effective and designed to work in tight spaces if necessary.

Maintenance Procedures

After a live tree is cut down, the roots will soon stop growing. Usually, roots stop growing within a matter of days or weeks and usually die shortly afterward. However, some tree species may develop root sprouts which can produce new stems from the root system. If allowed to continue to grow, these shoots may cause the tree to survive. Simply mowing or cutting these sprouts as they develop will result in the complete death of the root system within a few months or a year.

Call us today to schedule a stump removal service at your home, business or property!

Burdensome Stumps?

We’ll help you remove them without causing any damage.

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