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Safe and Professional Tree Removal for the Greater Vancouver Region

Though trees are an important part of our world and ecosystem, there are many instances where tree removal is necessary. The team at Tree Works is here for you when you are facing one of those instances. Our services for tree removal in the Burnaby and Greater Vancouver region provide a safe and effective way for you to get rid of any diseased, dead, damaged or troublesome trees. We have experience removing all types and sizes of trees and are even equipped with the proper machinery for stump removal once the tree has been cut down. If you would like to learn more about our services, call us today to receive a free estimate.

Reasons for Tree Removal

 While trees are beautiful and beneficial to humans and the environment, they are sometimes located in the wrong places. If planted too near a house or structure, tree roots can wreak havoc on underground plumbing pipes, sewer lines and more. Not to mention falling branches and debris can severely damage your roof, clog your gutters and make your life harder. The risk only increases as trees age, become diseased or die completely. We can provide trees removal services in Burnaby  for any of the following reasons:

Tree has been severely damaged in a storm, compromising its stability
Tree has become diseased, is beginning to die or has died
Tree is interfering with or is causing damage to your home, garage or other nearby buildings
Tree is preventing you from completing necessary repairs to your home or yard
Tree is hindering your renovation, construction or development project
Tree is growing in a bad location, near road, power lines, property line, etc.

Tree Removal in Burnaby and Surrounding Areas

If you have a tree you think should be removed, Tree Works will begin process for tree removal in Burnaby by first assessing the situation. Our team will come take a look at the tree and its location and will assign a rating from one to ten to determine the probability of the tree failing. Next, we will assign a value to the potential targets that may be hit should the tree fall. If we determine that removing your tree is imperative, you can trust Tree Works’ team to use the latest tree removal equipment and technology to do the job safely and effectively.

Preserve the Tree, Just Move It

Do you have a tree that is still healthy and beautiful, but is just in the wrong location? Our tree experts are able to move the tree to a new location to get it out of the way, while still preserving its life. This is a great option for customers looking to help the environment, as trees provide necessary benefits to all living things. We understand the beauty and benefits trees provide our environment and we do not recommend removals unless it’s completely necessary. Whether you are planning a home addition, backyard landscaping project or the tree is located very close to the property line, we can move it to a better location.

Let the Pros Handle It

Removing trees around power lines and near structures is always dangerous and has the potential to cause injury or property damage. This job should not be attempted by anyone other than a professional. Give us a call and we will be glad to give you a free estimate on the services you may need. We provide various services to take care of all your tree issues. Whether you need just tree shaping or tree thinning, Tree Work has the necessary equipment and experience to provide you with high quality, professional service.

If you would like to learn more about our services, call us today to receive a free estimate.

Tree Removal

To remove a tree or just to move it to another location, we can do both.

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