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The Dangers of Ignoring Tree Maintenance

cutting of a tree by cutter

Trees on properties are mostly seen as part of the landscape. They need to be maintained periodically to ensure they remain healthy and strong. Time should be taken to look out for signs of disease or broken limbs. With families to care for and busy schedules, many homeowners forget to keep this up. That’s where the importance of professionals comes in. You can always count on Tree Works for your tree services in Vancouver.

Importance of Tree Care


They provide beauty and lush décor while adding vitality and aesthetic balance to the man-made structures around. Trees also help cleanse the air, offer shade and block the wind. Your property’s value also increases with beautiful greenery as a part of it.

Caring includes arboricultural methods like trimming and pruning; which can be challenging for the average home-owner. With our professional tree services in Vancouver, you can rest assured that these will be handled efficiently.

Through regular care, you can mitigate the dangers that come with falling trees or branches. You can avoid putting your home, family and property at risk. Ignoring these may lead to:


Soil erosion, rotten roots and broken limbs can all create situations where someone gets hurt. For instance, a damaged tree or its branches may fall quickly without warning.

It is your responsibility as a homeowner to keep an eye on your trees and connect with a tree service company.

Home and property damage

Just as ignoring tree care can cause injuries to people, it can also cause major damages to your property. Falling tree branches can easily damage your roof, break windows and even crush your car. Think of all the home service professionals you will have to contact because of one fallen tree branch.

As inconveniencing as it sounds, it can also be quite expensive. Your home insurance may provide you coverage, but the effort put into maintenance will also be taken into account. Save yourself money, time and hassle by having a tree service company properly inspect your trees. 

Landscaping damage

A diseased tree can spread damage to others while falling branches can hurt the younger ones.

Legal issues

All homeowners are responsible for maintaining their trees. Failing to do so can lead to legal and financial penalties for any damages caused to your property or your neighbours. If a tree from an adjacent property harms something on your land, they can be held responsible for improper maintenance. If this is the other way around, your insurance should cover as long as you can prove your trees are maintained.

Where Can You Find Affordable Tree Services in Vancouver?

At Tree Works, we have been providing reliable tree care services for both commercial and residential customers in Vancouver, Burnaby and throughout British Columbia. With an experience of more than 15 years, it is our goal to ensure that your trees remain healthy and attractive.

We have a range of heavy-duty equipment for carrying out our work. We offer services including tree removal and crown reduction.

You can also look at what our clients say about us. Call us to learn more about cost-effective tree care services.


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