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How Do I Protect My Trees and Shrubs from Harsh Weather?

Most trees and shrubs are fairly hardy and can stand up to typical Burnaby weather, but when the weather turns harsh it can be capable of damaging your landscaping plants. Cold temperatures, snow, ice, scalding sun, and harsh winds can all cause problems. At Tree Works, an arborist providing crown reduction and tree thinning in Burnaby, we see the effect that harsh weather can have on trees and shrubs every year. Thankfully, we also know how the damage can be prevented.

- Cold Damage 

Cold temperatures and high, cold winds can injure and even kill trees and shrubs, especially if they come unseasonably early, continue unseasonably late, or last for long periods. Susceptible plants can be protected from cold damage by being covered with burlap or tarps that reach down to the ground and help catch some of the ground's heat.

- Snow and Ice Damage 

The biggest problem caused by snow and ice accumulation on trees and shrubs is bent and broken branches. When the snow and ice builds up and becomes too heavy, the branches simply can't support the weight anymore. Branch damage can be prevented with a regular tree thinning or crown reduction from a Burnaby arborist, as this will remove weaker branches and multiple leaders.

- Sun Scald 

Sun scald occurs when the sun overheats the bark of trees and shrubs on a cold winter day. This leaves patches of dry, cracked, or sunken bark on the south-facing side of the plant. Sun scald can be prevented with a tree wrap that reflects some of the sun's energy away. A Burnaby tree thinning or crown reduction can help remove some of the parts of a tree or shrub which have been sun scalded.

- Winter Evergreen Discolouration 

Evergreens can become discoloured during the winter because of harsh sun, harsh wind, and frozen soil. All three factors contribute to excessive water loss, dehydrating and bleaching the plant tissue. Winter evergreen discolouration can be prevented by keeping the tree properly watered well into the fall and constructing a burlap or pine bough barrier on the south and windward side of the tree.

- Root Injury 

Roots are not quite as hardy as the parts of a tree or shrub which live above the soil, and can be quickly damaged when soil temperatures drop too low. The best way to prevent root injury during the winter is to cover the soil around your trees and shrubs with a good layer of mulch.

How a Quality Arborist Can Help 

As an experienced Burnaby area arborist, Tree Works can help you implement the right solutions for preventing or dealing with the problems described above. Our Burnaby crown reduction and tree trimming services are beneficial for trees which have been scalded by the sun or damaged by snow and ice.

Don't let harsh weather cause extensive damage to your trees and shrubs. If you're experiencing any of the issues that have been discussed here, contact Tree Works today.


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