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Crown Reduction to Enhance the Natural Shape of Burnaby Trees

In crown reduction pruning, usually no more than 1/3 of the total tree area is removed in a single operation. Crown reduction and deadwood removal are frequently done to large Douglas firs and red cedar pines near buildings. This allows the wind to move through a free, reducing the change of tree failure or damage.

Because more light and air reach the inner portion of the branches, trees that have been crowned or spiral pruned experience less needle loss and as a result there is less mess below a tree. We believe this also enhances the natural shape of the tree. Various pruning techniques, such as skirting and thinning, provide a healthy solution to removing obstacles from views without completely removing trees.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is the removal of dead, diseased, crowded, dying weakly attached or low-vigor branches from the tree's crown. This differs from crown reduction in that very little of the live crown is removed. On the West Coast, we frequently use this procedure in large Douglas firs and red cedar pines that have become "high value" trees, where the removal of the tree is not always an option. Contact Tree Works for the pruning and tree trimming Vancouver residents trust.

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