Tree Trimming for Healthy Coquitlam Trees

Not sure whether you need tree pruning or tree trimming for your Coquitlam trees? The various terminology and techniques used in tree care are often used interchangeably and it can get a bit confusing, even among professional arborists. However, there are subtle and nuanced differences that are important aspects to consider when choosing your tree management and tree care services. Let us help you discover a few of the differences between tree pruning and tree trimming with some facts below:

  • Tree pruning often refers to services performed to remove specific parts of a tree that are suffering from disease, damage, or other problems. 
  • Tree trimming often refers to shaping a tree to help it grow in a perfect or aesthetically-pleasing shape or design.
  • Tree pruning can allow trees to begin new growth. 
  • Tree trimming consists of the removal of overgrown branches to help thin out the canopy.
  • Tree pruning requires hand pruning shears, loppers, and pruning saws depending on the size of the tree and the project.
  • Tree trimming usually uses a hedge trimmer but can also use pruning tools as well. 
  • Tree pruning is performed annually in order to achieve maximum benefit for the tree.
  • Tree trimming should occur twice annually for maximum benefit.

Aside from the environmental benefits of growing and maintaining healthy trees, the presence of trees on your residential or commercial property can truly enhance the visual appeal. However, if your trees are looking droopy, diseased, or overgrown, it can have the opposite effect – making your property look forgotten, run down, and uninviting to potential customers and guests. Give your home or office a facelift with tree trimming in Coquitlam. We will shape your tree so that it looks and feels its best – adding value to your property and contributing to the well-being of the environment.

Tree Trimming in Coquitlam for Safety

You have undoubtedly heard stories or experienced the damage personally that an uprooted tree or a falling tree branch can produce, from physical harm to property damage to buildings and vehicles. As trees grow taller and wider with age, it is often the case that the trunk can no longer support the furthest branches from the roots. Once a tree reaches a certain height, the branches at the tip-top of the tree’s canopy run the risk of dying out from a lack of soil nutrients and water. Once a branch has died, it becomes a safety concern as it may fall at an unexpected time. Wayward branches growing taller and taller may also become an obstruction to powerlines or a threat to breaking windows or other damages to your residential or commercial property.

Before your tree’s branches have the chance to instill property damage or become a safety hazard for your employees, customers, and family, contact the professionals at Tree Works. We have the knowledge and experience to help you be proactive and decide if it is time to consider tree trimming to keep your Coquitlam home and family safe from harm. Don’t delay; call our arborists today!

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